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  • chevron_rightCan I reserve the Pool for a Birthday Party?
    No, however you can reserve the tables under the cabana for birthday parties.  As part of this reservation you have access to the refrigerator and sink in the kitchen.  To reserve the tables under the cabana, fill out the Cabana Reservation Form in Association: Documents Section and follow the instructions. 
  • chevron_rightDo I need approval from HOA to install a fence, add on to the outside of the house, add on to driveway, etc.?
    Yes.  You will need to fill out the Property Improvement Request Form located in the ASSOCIATION page, select Documents.  This form can be submitted to the Architecture Review Committee (ARC) by:
    1. mailing to Goldsmith (Property Management) at the address at the top of the form,
    2. use the "CONTACT" utility
    3. or use go to the ASSOCIATION page, Home Improvement Tab and upload the form.
    If you have any questions on how to fill our the form please send the ARC a message through the CONTACT page.
Sparrows Point Website
  • chevron_rightHow do I register as a member of the Sparrows Point HOA?
    An owner in the Sparrows Point HOA you can access member only information.  To become register on the website and access Association Only information follow the below steps:
    1. Click on the REGISTER at the top right of the HOME page.
    2. Select your Resident Directory Options (YES or NO).
    3. Enter your information. (First & Last Name, Email, Address and Phone Number)
    4. Enter Second Resident's Information. (Optional)
    5. Enter Children's Information. (Optional)
    6. Enter Other Details. (Optional)
    7. Scroll down to near the bottom of the page and enter the verification code that you see and click submit.
    Before you are added as a resident your information must be verified by the HOA.  This process may take up to 72 hours if no issues with your information is found.
  • chevron_rightIs my profile information private?
    YES!  Sparrows Point HOA is will always keep your personal information private.  Sparrows Point HOA will not share any personal information you provide.  Sparrow Point will use any information you provide with the purpose of administering the relationship between yourself and Sparrows Point HOA.  You can control what information is share with other Sparrows Point Website Members by selecting 'Your Profile' in the upper left hand corner of the HOME page.